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malteser blondies

malteser blondies


Holy mother of malt.

The easiest way to level up an average dessert recipe is by adding a fan-favourite choccy into the mix. Cake is great, but cake that’s adorned with a stack of Kit Kats, a smattering of M&M’s and crumbly morsels of Flake? That’s a party for your mouth. Mars Bar slice? Exceptional.

When we saw this recipe for Malteser blondies, our tastebuds immediately started jumping tiny jigs and our saliva glands kicked into gear. Aside from the Maltesers, these beauties are flavoured with white chocolate and Ovaltine powder, which provides that sweet, malty goodness (though you can probably substitute the Ovaltine for Milo, if you like). It’s worth keeping in mind for your next morning tea, we reckon.

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