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free wallpapers from look what we made

free wallpapers from look what we made


Oh, hi there, rad-looking photos. Allow us to download and gaze at you – constantly.

Guys, it’s officially the middle of the year. Don’t you reckon it’s time to give your life a spruce, starting with your desktop wallpaper? If you agree (or even if you don’t and just like looking at nice things), then why not download one of our nifty backgrounds from our latest book Look What We Made.

From the top, there’s the colourful cotton from the floor or Daisy Watt’s studio, NT milliner Susie Rush’s glitter supplies, and an extreme close-up of one of Daisy’s delightful blankies. Good news: all these come in desktop and mobile versions, so you can whack one on your big screen and a different one on your little screen, if you wish.

Don’t forget to check out all the other groovy wallpapers on offer, while you’re poking around, and read the first 20 pages of Look What We Made, a book dedicated to the handmade way of life and the makers around Australia.

Snaps by Stephanie Rose Wood and Julia Rau.