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Take a seat, grab a paper bag to hyperventilate into, because we have some rather exciting news: we’ve made a brand new book, and it’s on sale today! Called, somewhat fittingly, Look What We Made, it’s an affectionate (and honest) tribute to the handmade way of life, introducing y’all to the new generation of Australian makers.

Flip through the 256 shiny pages and you’ll meet hatmakers and brewers, potters and jewellers, plus textile artists, illustrators, musicians, weavers, cobblers, and even a lady who spends her days tattooing crazy cat people (a ‘cattooist’, if you will). They’ve shared their stories, their skills, their inspirations and day-to-day lives – as well as a bunch of tips for anyone who might be curious about how to start their own creative business.

Want a sneaky little peek inside before you decide to take the plunge? You can check out the first 20 or so pages just by hitting the link below. If you’d like to go ahead and grab a copy now, just swing past your local stockist or our online store.

look what we made header1

For a little extra somethin’-somethin’, we had a chit-chat with miniature boat builder Elise Cameron-Smith – hit play below to hear about her wood-focused practice, and how she’s carved out a life of creative freedom.

Look What We Made is on sale right now (rrp $26.95), and you can get your mitts on a copy at your nearest local stockist, or via our online store. A big ol' thanks to our pals at Rollie, too, who helped make this possible. 





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