frankie in paint

4:00pm Monday, 03 Oct. by georgia frances king

Our frankies in paint! A few months ago super-talented oil artist Victoria Reichelt popped by our office to pick up a stack of frankie magazines - quite literally, as you can see.

watch this

10:00am Monday, 03 Oct. by jo walker

Made from vintage mechanical watches and customised model figures, each artwork depicts a little scenario (some real, some imagined) of people passing by. Each figure sits on a watch hand so crank them up and they really go!

sketchbook series - round four

12:00pm Friday, 16 Sep. by holly mccauley

We received another sketchbook in the mail the other day!

viva vienna

8:00am Thursday, 15 Sep. by georgia frances king

The National Gallery of Victoria's Vienna: Art & Design exhibition is closing soon, and to get you two-stepping into their doors we've got five double passes to give away!

surrealism - the poetry of dreams

8:00am Friday, 09 Sep. by georgia frances king

Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams is a retrospective of the surrealist art movement, chronicling the artists and the changes in style through its duration.

oh hello there!

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