ellen giggenbach art

8:00am Monday, 18 Jun. by maggie butter

Fusing the cultural influences of her Bavarian ancestry and her current home in Wellington, New Zealand, Ellen Giggenbach's hyper-coloured artworks are created by painting tiny pieces of paper and putting them all together.

izziyana suhaimi art

8:00am Wednesday, 06 Jun. by georgia frances king

After hand drawing and filling her portraits in with watercolours, Izzi picks up her thread and needle and embroiders details.

chain mail fashion and art

8:00am Thursday, 31 May. by georgia frances king

Fashion + art + postcards = GPO's Chain Mail exhibition.

mini fan fan illustrations

8:00am Friday, 25 May. by maggie butter

Eng Gee Fan is a Malaysian/Chinese illustrator living in Kuala Lumpur, drawing darling bits and bobs around from her tiny bedroom.

ghostpatrol exhibition

10:00am Sunday, 13 May. by georgia frances king

Ghostpatrol can see into the future.

shaun tan

10:00am Sunday, 06 May. by georgia frances king

Shaun Tan is a Perth born, Melbourne residing artist and film maker, renowned for his children's illustrations and incredible creative vision. Oh, and he's won an Oscar (last year for the short animated film The Lost Thing) and was a concept artist for WALL-E. No biggie.

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