art & about sydney

3:00pm Wednesday, 19 Sep. by georgia frances king

To see all of Art & About's awesomeness, we'd probably have to take the whole month off work, pack a suitcase-sized bag of scroggin and consume a lot of caffeine.

anna carey's tiny houses

3:00pm Tuesday, 18 Sep. by georgia frances king

If Thumbelina lived in a sun-drenched utopia, this would probably be her dream house.


button artworks by julie vinci

3:00pm Wednesday, 12 Sep. by holly mccauley

Sometimes something as simple as the humble button can be transformed into a poetic representation of a much larger issue.

op shop art attack

3:00pm Tuesday, 04 Sep. by jo walker

Illinois artist Chad Wys likes a bit of thrifting, but once he get his secondhand purchases home he doesn't just place them around the house and step back to admire their vintage glory.

erin paisley art prints

9:00am Sunday, 02 Sep. by georgia frances king

When we came across some prints of Erin Paisley's wide-eyed Russian ladies, we knew it was time to put the stove on, make some borscht and present it as an offering to our new-found art religion. Plus, you can nab one for just twenty bucks!

tai snaith kid's art

9:00am Monday, 27 Aug. by holly mccauley

There is no doubt about it, Australian animals are pretty funny looking. Which makes them not only the subjects of our favourite children's books like Possum Magic, but also rad kid's art workshops like this one by Tai Snaith.

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