the lucky draw project

3:00pm Monday, 08 Jul.

The therapeutic effects of colouring in are seriously underrated, in our opinion – there's something so soothing about putting coloured pencil to paper.

artist interview - gracia lam

3:00pm Saturday, 06 Jul.

Gracia Lam uses seemingly simple designs to convey an awful lot.

The Taronga Wild! Rhinos project asks us to use our creativity for the greater ecological good.

patron saints of awesome

3:00pm Wednesday, 26 Jun.

If we knew that praying to Buffy the Vampire Slayer was an option, we would have done it way before now.

artist interview - joel penkman

3:00pm Saturday, 22 Jun. by frankie

Like she's jumped into our brains and pilfered all our favourite things, Joel Penkman paints a smorgasbord of retro delights.

ekaterina panikanova's book paintings

3:00pm Sunday, 16 Jun. by frankie

We're not quite sure if you'd call what artist Ekaterina Panikanova creates painting, collage or installation, but there's no questioning the fact that it's exploding with awesomeness.

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