Get everything you need to start crocheting your own winter accessories.

pet the alpaca

9:00am Sunday, 02 Sep.

Wall art that’s warm and fluffy? Yes, please.

The gifted Ms Dance has some spiffy new woollen creations on display in London town.

rant: in praise of snuggly duds

4:00pm Monday, 11 Sep.

Occasionally, we tackle the big issues at frankie. Today: why it’s totally OK to wear two jumpers, a beanie and thermals, all in one go.

hi baby blanket

10:00am Sunday, 28 May.

Greet your little one in style.

diy pom pom tassel wall hanging

10:00am Wednesday, 22 Feb.

Pom pom fetishists: we offer you this DIY wall hanging. May it appease your wool-laden fantasies.

kimberly corday fibre art

3:00pm Tuesday, 22 Nov.

An Ikea sheepskin duster inspired Kimberly Corday to transform wool into art.

a swan scarf

3:00pm Monday, 24 Oct.

This felted wool scarf is inspired by Björk’s Swan Dress, and is entirely handmade by two crafty sisters.

fleur lyon

3:00pm Thursday, 08 Sep.

This Western Australian lass stitches botanical designs on wee handcrafted frames, ideal for popping on your wall or sticking wherever you please.

the unusual pear weaving kits

9:00am Wednesday, 17 Aug.

We’ve found your one-stop shop for all things weaving and woolly.

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