a giant apricot tea towel

3:00pm Monday, 19 Mar.

Wiping dishes just got a little bit lovelier.

A free animal tea towel from Melbourne label For Me By Dee? That’s one way to kick off your week.

We’ve got some fancy shmancy Vera Wang glassware to give away, thanks to the tip-top folks at Wedgwood – dang!

clean dreams sponge holder

9:00am Tuesday, 16 Aug.

Put your cleaning concerns to bed with this cute and clever sponge tray.

dinara mirtalipova’s tea towels

9:00am Thursday, 21 Jul.

There’s something a wee bit magical about Dinara Mirtalipova’s textiles.

that retro piece

9:00am Sunday, 08 May.

Cat-shaped cookie jars? Don’t mind if we do.

simple linen apron diy

3:00pm Tuesday, 26 Jan.

In just a flash, bang and a wallop – and maybe a pinprick or two – you can whip up a simple-but-lovely linen apron that will keep your clothes clean of splatter.

a whale of a knife

9:00am Thursday, 07 Jan.

That's not a knife; THIS is a knife.

Pssst, we have a little secret to share with you this morning.

stuff mondays - honeybee wraps

9:00am Monday, 05 Oct.

First bees go and pollinate all our crops to feed us yummy fruit and veg, then they produce wax that can be coated on fabric and used to keep all those tasty morsels fresh.

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