Warning: these paintings may result in nostalgia overload.

birthday cakes for cult filmmakers

3:00pm Saturday, 28 May.

These pics mix movies and munchies in a glorious kind of way. 

There are really only two kinds of housemates: the good, or the very bad.

Do you ever feel like nostalgically binge-watching a big chunk of your high school reading list?

Behold, an entirely edible model of the Shining’s Overlook Hotel – complete with carpet, wallpaper and two terrifying twins in the hallway.

As you recline on your sweaty sofa, with only movies and a ceiling fan for company, imagine you're living inside some of these movies.

The time has come to face the real world again. What might help is movies. Maybe. We can’t promise anything.

joy ticket giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 30 Dec.

This film – based on a real-life tale – proves that sometimes strength, resilience and persistence do pay off.

These flicks are bound to please just about everyone who watches them (hopefully).

If you’re looking for a lasting cure for your insomnia, we're not sure if we can help you, but we can suggest these five movies.

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