cj hendry's petals

3:00pm Wednesday, 26 Feb.

If you're lucky enough to be in London this April, you might like to take a squiz at CJ Hendry's hyper-realistic petal drawings.

astrid elisabeth tattoos

3:00pm Sunday, 15 Jul.

Treat your eyes to some tattoo art of the insanely awesome kind.

lee me kyeoung illustrations

4:00pm Wednesday, 28 Jun.

Behold, delicate drawings of flowers and shop fronts by Korean artist Lee Me Kyeoung.

cluca art

4:00pm Saturday, 25 Mar.

Montreal-based artist Cluca questions representations of the past in her charming pastel drawings.

These aren't the close-ups on tatty thread art that they appear – they're actually incredibly detailed drawings created entirely from ink.

wiry frame

10:00am Saturday, 07 Apr.

We have recently become a little bit obsessed with these lacquered iron bar works from German artist Sabine Finkenauer.

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