invisible bookends diy

3:00pm Thursday, 24 Sep.

It’s a tad ironic that the ladies behind a blog named A Beautiful Mess have come up with a DIY that’ll keep your bookshelf looking ship-shape.

colourful rope tree diy

9:00am Friday, 18 Sep.

These mini trees look like a forest straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, and that’s all the reason we need to craft a batch up for ourselves.

cat scratcher diy

9:00am Friday, 04 Sep.

Give your coffee table a rest and whip up one of these nifty cat scratching posts.

This welcoming Nice biscuit doormat will put a skip in your step every time you return home after a long day at work.

diy gold rope vase

9:00am Wednesday, 22 Jul.

Glue guns at the ready, frankie friends.

diy mini picnic table

9:00am Friday, 10 Jul.

Do some al fresco dining, or just hold a pretend picnic indoors with this surprisingly easy DIY.

Are you planning on spending some quality time with your oven this season?

paint-splattered napkins

9:00am Sunday, 28 Jun.

The cool thing about this DIY is that anyone can do it. Literally.

In lieu of a real life furry friend to curl up on your lap, this warming companion will keep you company on those cold days and nights.

diy light box

3:00pm Wednesday, 10 Jun.

Whip up a mini light box to make all your happy snaps look like they were taken in a whizz-bang photo studio.

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