If you’d like to ensure your guests’ derrières enjoy the highest levels of comfort, perhaps you’d care to whip up a bunch of these lovely cushions?

Q: Is that a taco in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? A: It’s a taco.

eucalyptus garland diy

9:00am Thursday, 28 Mar.

If your dreams of a sheep or two and a kangaroo have never really been realised, now might be your time to get a little patriotic.

christmas paper wreath diy

3:00pm Wednesday, 09 Dec.

‘Tis the season to deck every hall, wall and tree with festive hues like red, silver, gold and green, but who says another colour can’t be just as jolly?

If you ask us, summer is for al fresco crafting and pretending you’re holidaying in a tropical destination.

recycled citronella candle DIY

9:00am Tuesday, 20 Oct.

Pesky mozzies giving you the shits?

pom pom wall hanging diy

3:00pm Wednesday, 14 Oct.

Slap some pom poms on the wall in an entirely gratuitous display of fuzzy craftiness.

Make plonking your behind on a hard surface a little less bruisey with this soft and shaggy seat cover.

crafty basket diy

9:00am Thursday, 01 Oct.

This colourful DIY makes storage less ‘blah’ and more ‘hoorah!’, and it only requires you to master two measly steps.

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