These handmade slippers will keep your tootsies cosy while you’re shuffling from the heater to the warmth of the oven and back

You may not be able to write an essay with these paper-crafted pencils, but we can guarantee you'll have way more fun putting them together.

Great to give as a special gift or to keep as your own personal statement piece, this DIY will help you whip up some jewellery that also acts as a teeny wearable time capsule.

These wooden wonders will make mealtime cheery, and they're super-easy to do-it-yourself, too. How do you like them apples?

how to revamp a vintage camper

4:00pm Sunday, 15 Feb.

Who knew you could fit so much pretty in one teeny-tiny space?

marbled paper garland diy

10:00am Sunday, 11 Jan.

This colourful DIY seems like a good way to inject some brightness into our lives, that doesn't involve decorating our digits.

diy craft storage house

10:00am Sunday, 04 Jan.

Rather than finding all your crafty bits a new home, may we suggest a looksee at this handy-dandy DIY?

upcycled vintage plates

10:00am Sunday, 28 Dec.

Finally, we've found a use for all the dusty cups and saucers stashed away at the back of the cupboard.

diy wall pockets

4:00pm Friday, 28 Nov.

Let's be honest: the best thing about cute storage like this is it gives even the messiest person an illusion of organisation.

diy air freshener

3:00pm Friday, 01 Mar.

Ahh, salt. The delicious mineral has many nifty tricks up its sleeve, including being able to de-smell the stinkier corners of the world.

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