learn the art of brush lettering

4:00pm Wednesday, 26 Jun.

A calligraphy class for folks who want to pen ace birthday cards (and create a cool letterform poster or two).

The hand-lettering and typographical genius gives us the low-down on getting paid to make pretty stuff.

Meet your new embroidery and/or lettering crush.

becca clason’s letter art

9:00am Thursday, 18 Aug.

Turns out you can create a typeface from, well, anything.

better letters

9:00am Sunday, 31 Jul.

If old school signwriting makes you swoon, you might like to head along to one of these hands-on workshops.

learn brush lettering

9:00am Tuesday, 01 Mar.

Do you ever wish your wonky scrawl looked more like the swish calligraphy of an old-fashioned sign writer?

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