pottery by ross

3:00pm Saturday, 27 Oct.

Ross's pottery collection includes creamers, tea sets, bowls and even herb stakes for your garden (also helpful if you have a vampire problem - at least they stay away from the garlic).

fresh herb hemp bags

9:00am Monday, 22 Oct.

Although we appreciate summer's warming rays, judging by the wilting mint on our windowsill, our herbs don't.

a toast (plate) to you

3:00pm Tuesday, 02 Oct.

Toast is awesome. It's one of those undeniable facts of life. This makes toast plates a life necessity.

see saw table

8:00am Tuesday, 12 Jun.

How do you prevent people leaving the table before dinner is over? Dutch designer Marleen Jansen thinks she has the solution: construct a see-saw under the table top and let gravity take its course.

porcelain critter cups

3:00pm Friday, 01 Jun.

Coffee is so much more satisfying when it is drunk out of a tiny porcelain critter by Miriam Brugmann.


1:00pm Friday, 11 Nov.

Sweet googly moogly! Look at these amazing vintage tupperware pendant lights from designer Frank Criscione.

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