diy garden stakes

9:00am Sunday, 03 Nov.

Here’s one way to get your veggie patch in order.

gardening for climate change

9:00am Thursday, 22 Aug.

A few tips for building an Earth-friendly backyard.

Discover how to get started growing a veggie patch in your very own backyard (or even on your balcony).

stuff mondays – leaf supply

3:00pm Monday, 02 Apr.

Up for grabs: a very pretty coffee table book, chock full of advice on growing houseplants.

stuff mondays – urban greens

4:00pm Monday, 20 Nov.

Attention green thumbs (and not-so green thumbs): these kits make growing edible goodies a goddamn cinch – and we’ve got a bunch of them up for grabs!

These briefs don’t just look and feel lovely, they also raise moolah for organic community gardens.

the miniature greenhouse

10:00am Tuesday, 25 Apr.

Bangkok design studio Atelier 2+ has created a teeny-tiny greenhouse, perfect for popping on your table or the like.

Meet the lass bringing heirloom Australian native wildflowers to the rest of the world.

Fancy learning how to grow your own veggies and cook up a delicious storm with them, too? Then you might like to win a copy of this pretty (and informative) new book.

stuff mondays - miniscapes

9:00am Monday, 28 Mar.

Lazy gardeners of the frankie world, lend us your ears!

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