diy fruit balloons

9:00am Saturday, 02 Jun.

Do you feel like an afternoon project that will leave your surrounds looking like a big fruit salad?

the people's pennant

9:00am Saturday, 26 May.

Hand-printed and hand-sewn, The People's Pennant celebrates things we can all get behind. Like drinking coffee and reading books and getting out of bed.

make your own doll kit

3:00pm Tuesday, 15 May.

The rainy season has come, and therefore so has the crafting monsoon.

svalbo hack

12:00pm Monday, 07 May.

We all have a love-hate relationship with IKEA.

totoro cross-stitch

10:00am Sunday, 29 Apr.

His name is Raynor, he has a beard, and he does crochet under the name The Shy Lion. This is one of his many rad projects.

diy pencil jewellery

11:00am Saturday, 14 Jan.

If you're the crafty type (or just a bit thrifty and watching your pennies), you might want to take a peek at these instructions for DIY pencil jewellery.

christmas birdies

2:00pm Tuesday, 20 Dec.

Need some help decorating your tree, your house, yourself? These printable Starry Winter Birdies from Homemade Happiness might just do the trick.

everyday growing

2:00pm Tuesday, 03 Jan.

We thought we were doing well growing a few succulents on the windowsill, but designer Juliette Warmenhoven has taken gardening to a whole new level.

heart's a blur

8:00am Thursday, 01 Dec.

Here's a DIY tutorial for all you snap happy folk with your fancy photo-taking machines.

shoulder length

1:00pm Friday, 21 Oct.

As an ode to the simple up-do we've been experimenting with pinning our manes in an 'Edwardian Tuck'. Here's a handy-dandy how to!

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