diy valentine’s day plant bag

3:00pm Thursday, 13 Feb.

If you’ve found yourself in a last-minute Valentine’s Day conundrum, just remember that it’s never too late to whip up a DIY project.

diy room spray

9:00am Sunday, 09 Feb.

A natural way to make your house smell lovely.

Whip up a comfy pair of pants for everyone in your life, no matter their gender expression.

how to zhuzh up an old bar cart

9:00am Sunday, 02 Feb.

A splash of paint and a bit of love is all it takes to fancy up an old bar cart.

diy floral pom poms

9:00am Sunday, 26 Jan.

You can never have too many pom poms.

frankie exclusive diy: bum bag

9:00am Friday, 17 Jan.

How to make a retro-cool, hands-free holder for your daily essentials.

diy lighting fixture

9:00am Monday, 13 Jan.

Make a swish-looking lamp by stacking plates, cups and bowls (seriously!).

diy terrazzo planter

9:00am Sunday, 22 Dec.

Grab some polymer clay and get craftin’.

If you're in need of something cute to sit your holiday feast on top of, look no further than this Christmas pudding trivet.

Ho ho ho, Christmas is just around the corner! Try sprucing up your pressies with these fun, easy-peasy gift tags.

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