natural peanut butter fudge

Fudge. The oft-forgotten snack you might have last seen at a school fete. Fudge can sometimes play second fiddle to the regular ol’ chocolate bar, and that’s a real shame because, given the chance, this chewy, mouth-watering treat will make you go, “Oh, fudge!” in the best kind of way. It does, however, normally contain lots of refined sugar, dairy and other stuff that can be a little OTT. Not this recipe by The Merry Thought, though. It uses coconut oil, natural peanut butter, honey and sea salt flakes for a bar that's scrumptious but not sickly.

To celebrate baking season, we've teamed up with Woolworths on a special offer: pick up frankie issue 90, and you can also nab a Wiltshire baking pan for a mere two bucks. Hey, you could even use it to whip up this yummy-looking recipe.

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