smashed white beans on toast

Finding new and inventive ways to eat toast is a minor hobby of ours, not just because piling ingredients on a slice of bread is the quickest, least taxing way to feed ourselves after a long day, but because it’s also one of the most delicious meals you can whip up (yes, toast is a meal). We’re glad to know that Gena from The Full Helping is as on board with a decked-out toast as we are, and we’re itching to cook her recipe for smashed garlic, tahini and white bean on toast. The long version of Gena’s recipe involves boiling dried beans and slow roasting garlic, but the shortcut, as she happily notes, involves canned beans and pan fried/raw garlic. It's the trifecta of cheap, easy and delish! Ready your blender and check out Gena’s instructions here.

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