tunesday - charm of finches video premiere

If you’re looking for a rollicking tune to kick up your heels to on a Friday night, “The Bridge” by Charm of Finches may not be the one for you. But if you’re in the market for dreamy, delicate, heartstring-tugging folk music, that’s a completely different story – the latest track from the Melbourne sisters fits the bill rather perfectly.

charmoffinches big

Nestle in and check out the video for the mystical track right here, right now – we’re chuffed to be the very first to show it off to the world! Filmed in collaboration with some sweet school chums and gosh-darn Adalita, no less, it takes place in country Victoria, and is a pretty delightful way to round out the afternoon.

Also worth noting: there’ll be official launches of the single and clip from August 18th at Melbourne’s Horti Hall – from there, the tour will wind its way through regional Vic, Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra, so keep an eye out.

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