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If Peggy Guggenheim isn’t already pinned to your inspiration board, consider this a sign. For its latest spring range, Melbourne fashion label ELK found a muse in the famous art collector, drawing on her larger-than-life personality and eclectic taste to create vibrant, statement-making threads.

In case you're unfamiliar with Peggy's story, this is a woman who set herself the challenge of buying “one picture a day” – in only eight years, she amassed a lifetime’s worth of avant-garde works. A bohemian and a socialite (with a hefty inheritance), she lived the good life, swanning around in extravagant get-ups and having affairs with countless artists and writers across Europe. Also, she got around Venice in a private gondola (her dogs seated firmly beside her).

If this is the kind of energy you’d like to take into warmer days, we suggest making a beeline for the ELK shop. Once there, you’ll be greeted by richly coloured linens, unique prints and bold accessories. Very few can live as lavishly as Peggy Guggenheim, but clearly you can still look the part – especially if you're the lucky winner of a $300 ELK voucher, which we're giving away over here).