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this exhibition tells first nations stories through upholstered chairs


We love to see creative types get together to make cool stuff. That's why we're big fans of Rekkan / Tamuwu / Nyinakati (sit/sit down) – a rad new exhibition hitting Adelaide this month.

The exhibition explores First Nations material, culture and storytelling through the collaborative works of Indigenous textile artists from the Northern Territory and furniture designers from South Australia. In teams, the creative folks have produced a series of colourful upholstered chairs, with each swish piece combining symbolic textile designs with complementary structures to represent traditional stories. Pretty cool, eh?

The talented teams include Raylene Bonson from Bábbarra Women’s Centre and Daniel To and Emma Aiston from design studio Daniel Emma; Keturah Nangala Zimran from Ikuntji Artists and designer Caren Elliss; and Roslyn Orsto from Tiwi Designs and furniture and lighting designer Dean Toepfer.

Rekkan / Tamuwu / Nyinakati (sit/sit down) is being shown as part of Tarnanthi – a festival that celebrates contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. Mosey on over to Adelaide’s JamFactory between October 13 and November 28 to see the exhibition for yourself.