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these face masks tell curious stories of science and astronomy


Let’s give it up for Maria Popova, the rad lady behind the blog Brain Pickings. Not only does Maria consistently delight us with curious tales, she’s also been restoring and digitising historical illustrations for years, some of which she’s now printed onto face masks. There are currently 52 prints available – among them, the Solar System quilt by Ella Harding Baker. Ella, a science teacher in the late 1800s, spent seven years crafting her quilt in order to teach women about astronomy, and this was long before most ladies had access to formal education. Other masks feature illustrations of jellyfish by Ernst Haeckel, drawings of the Great Barrier Reef by William Saville Ken and a vintage scene of a double rainbow (proof that humans have been marvelling over this phenomenon for quite some time). If keeping safe while picking up a scientific tidbit or two is your thing, you’ll find the full range for sale on Society6 (keep in mind that prices are in US dollars).