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spy’s cosy new collab with dorothy


Some creatives are destined to collaborate. You know the kind – when a pairing makes so much sense that it couldn’t possibly go wrong. Take this team-up between Melbourne fashion brand EAT.ME.DO and New Zealand knitwear label Dorothy, for example. When we found out they were dropping a mini-collection of one-off knits, we almost lost our tiny minds.

EAT.ME.DO’s Lara Ivachev reached out to Anne and Lucy – the mother-daughter duo behind Dorothy – after developing a bit of an obsession with their lovely knitted pieces. So, the talented makers decided to create a fun, playful collection together (and we're so glad they did). Each woolly garm has been designed by Lara and features a signature EAT.ME.DO cherry, and has been handmade by Dorothy. Pop over to EAT.ME.DO’s website to get your hands on a knit. Be speedy, though – they won’t be around for long!