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scribble club: august edition


Welcome back to our monthly Scribble Club! Just in case you missed our announcement the first time round: each month, we’ll share a different written prompt to help get your creative juices flowing.

Last month’s theme was From My Window, a little exercise that got you thinking about what was (or what you wish was) on the other side of the glass. We’ve since been treated to some ripper sketches, paintings and digital illustrations, so thank you to everyone who shared their stuff. (Make sure you have a flick through a few of the lovely submissions in the gallery above!)

And now for the grand reveal: August’s theme is… What’s Cooking? Yep, our tummies are rumbling like a thunderstorm and we’re ready for a visual feast. Capture what’s happening in your kitchen, what your dream spread looks like or perhaps the aftermath of a scrummy meal. Better yet, ignore our directions entirely and come up with a delicious creation of your own.

If you feel like sharing what you come up with, email us your work over here, or tag us on Instagram @frankiemagazine and add the hashtag #scribbleclub.