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honeybea turns salvaged textiles into new duds


Fabric was so valuable back in the day that nary a tea towel could go to waste. Most of the time, bits and pieces of cloth would be repurposed into the loveliest new objects, like embroidered tablecloths and quilts, which were passed down for generations. So it breaks our hearts a little to think that there are heaps of those heirloom textiles hidden away in attics – damaged or unloved – when they could be brought back to life. It breaks Rebecca Caulford’s heart, too. 

She’s the textile artist and “thrifting fanatic” behind Honeybea, a Canadian design studio devoted to rescuing vintage quilts, blankets and other ‘old world’ textiles. A team of clever makers based in Toronto transforms her found fabrics into quilted coats, puffy sleeve tops and dreamy frocks. They’re way too lovely for the attic, but wearable enough to get regular use. Each garment is handmade and one-of-a-kind based on the fabric they have, so you’ll have to hang around Honeybea’s Instagram for new drops.