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donkeys in pyjamas


Here’s an end-of-the-week treat for you. If you’re zoning out at your desk and in desperate need of something chuckle-worthy, just cast your eyes upon these pyjama-wearing donkeys. The sleepy mules live on the French island of Rhea (or Île-de-Ré), a popular destination for summer holiday-goers. And while the striped trousers are mostly a ploy to attract tourists, they originally served a practical purpose. In the early 20th century, many donkeys worked in the island’s salt marshes, where mosquitoes and other nasty bugs ravaged their legs. So, to fend off the bloodsuckers, locals sewed up some special pants from old curtains and mattress fabrics. While these shaggy creatures no longer work in the marshes, we're glad locals have kept up the very cute tradition.image via

donkeys in the 1930s via Ripley's