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clay beehive ceramics


We’re eating at home a lot more these days (thanks, old mate COVID!), which may have you pondering the rather sorry state of your crockery collection. If you’re like us, 'crockery collection' is a nice way of describing an assortment of bowls and plates you nicked from old housemates and your parents.

For that reason, we’ve got our peepers on Clay Beehive’s ceramics. Sure, Nan’s spag bol will taste good no matter what, but it might taste even better when you get to ladle it onto some of these lovely handmade objects.

Clay Beehive is the brainchild of Mel Eliades, who whips up bowls, plates, platters and vases from her home studio in Milawa, north east Victoria. If you think these could make your home-cooked meals feel extra special, visit her shop here
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