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frankie exclusive diy: gradient planter pots

frankie exclusive diy: gradient planter pots


Let your plants sit pretty in a painted terracotta pot.

There are plenty of designer plant homes floating around, but you don't always have to shell out the big bucks to score one. Giving regular old terracotta pots a lick of paint is easy peasy and produces rad results (not to mention a glow of satisfaction from taking the DIY route). To create a geode-inspired gradient on your plant's abode, pick any shade of paint you like and follow the steps below. 

13cm terracotta pots (or any size you like!)
Masking tape
String or yarn (optional)
Acrylic paint in your darkest colour, plus white
Small paint brush
Plate or similar to mix your paints on

1. Start by taping the inside edge of your pots with masking tape to ensure you get a nice, sharp edge to your paint.2. To help you work out the position for your angled lines, it can help to take a piece of string and wrap it around the pot at an angle. Tape the ends in place and use your chalk to draw along the line of your yarn.3. Using your first chalk line as a guide, draw four angled wavy lines around your pot/s with your chalk. I like to space these out so the gaps between the lines get smaller towards the base of the pot.4. Mix your main paint colour with some white paint until you get the lightest shade you want to begin with. Use this shade to paint the bottom section of your pot. You’ll need to build up 2-3 coats of paint, letting them dry in between (luckily acrylic paint dries quickly). For your next section, add more of your main colour until you get the next shade you want then paint up to the next line.5. Continue adding more of your main colour for the next two sections and finally paint the top section with your main colour unmixed. Once your pot is dry, remove the masking tape and it’s all done.Note: To keep your pots at their best, only use indoors. If you are planting directly into your pots you’ll need to add a saucer underneath to collect water. Alternatively, keep your plants in a plastic pot with foil wrapped around the base (this collects excess water) before putting them into your painted pots.Anna Alicia is a freelance craft writer, designer, maker and mother based in East London. Anna’s latest craft book is all about one of her favourite things to sew –‘Bags’!