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christmas trees get a second life in vilnius


Upturned Christmas trees in wheelie bins are a familiar sight in the days after Noel, but the silly season doesn’t always have to be so wasteful. While some cities and councils offer to mulch old trees, many festive plants simply end up in landfill. In December last year, the Mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, decided to promote a more environmentally sustainable solution. He encouraged residents to buy potted Christmas trees instead, and offered tips on how to nurture them into the New Year. The aim was to keep the trees alive until spring, when the residents could gather to replant the trees in an urban forest. On Earth Day last month, residents did exactly this, planting 80 Christmas trees to add some greenery back to the city. While not all are guaranteed to take root, we reckon it's an idea that's certainly worth pursuing. Hats off to you, Vilnius.