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check out sugar republic's sweets-themed getaway


If you've ever been to Sugar Republic's pop-up museums and wished you could spend all day frolicking in its lolly-themed rooms, wait 'til you feast your eyes on the team's latest project – a kitschy Airbnb in Daylseford, Victoria. Not just for photos, the four-bedroom 'Sweet Retreat' accommodates up to eight guests and is fully equipped for a country staycation. If you're wondering about the decor – hoo boy, are you in for a treat. In true Sugar Republic fashion, every room has its own theme: the dining area is kitted out with Milk Bar art by Callum Preston, one bedroom is dedicated to tea and biscuits, and another to rainbows. Then there's the scratch'n'sniff cherry wallpaper, a personal peach-coloured ball pit, disco bathroom, giant Paddle Pop and too many other awesome features to mention. Phew! We recommend flicking through some snaps above and bracing yourself for a sugar high.