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build your own cardboard wallet


When you’re a broke university student, living off instant ramen and sneaking your mate’s mum’s Netflix account is pretty standard stuff. Making an ingenious wallet from discarded cardboard, on the other hand – not so common. That is unless you’re Fuyuki Shimazu, a globe-trotting ‘cardboard artist’.

Fuyuki stumbled upon a clever idea in his student days, back when he lacked the funds to replace a broken wallet. Using only a spare piece of cardboard lying around the house, Fuyuki Macgyvered himself a new place to stash his cash, and the rest is history. His creation was so unexpectedly sturdy and stylish that he began making more to sell. Ten years on, he’s held multiple workshops and collaborated with big-name brands including Moncler, Nike and The North Face, proving just how much you can do with waste material.

Lately, Fuyuki has been sharing templates and DIY videos, so you too, can fashion yourself a little purse or headphone case. Give it a whirl using the video below or stop by Fuyuki’s Instagram to spy more how-tos. 

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DOWNLOAD COLLECTION #1 Please download the template sheet from #howto

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