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better stay together is vintage store for ’90s fans


Vintage shopping can be pretty hit and miss. Some days you find gold at the top of the heap, other days, you dig forever and come up with zilch. So imagine our surprise when we stumbled across Better Stay Together, a curated vintage store based in Toronto.

Now, the whole notion of a curated store means you ideally get the best of the best, but anyone who’s scrolled through online vintage shops knows you still have to wade through a lot of filler to get to the killer. Not so at Better Stay Together, friends!

Owner Andrea Winkler knows how to pick her gems, especially when it comes to rad stuff from the ’80s and ’90s. You won’t be scoring op-shop prices here, but you will be treated to a sizeable selection of high-waisted jeans and bangin’ looks straight out of Reality Bites. That's a pretty good trade-off, if you ask us.