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a picnic basket that keeps your snacks cool


How good are picnics? You get to sprawl out on a comfy blanket, surrounded by mates, nature and tasty snacks. Unfortunately, some of our favourite picnic foods (i.e. cheese and dip) aren’t meant to sit out in the sun for hours on end. They tend to get a little bit sad and sweaty. And who can be bothered lugging a bulky esky across the park?

Well, apparently there’s a more practical (and fashionable) alternative – the insulated picnic basket. These ones by local brand Picnic Season have a heat sealed, leak-proof lining, which means your snacks will stay nice and cool while you lay about on your rug, soaking up the sunshine. Plus, they’re lightweight, so you won’t acquire any back injuries on the journey to your preferred picnic spot. Nab one from Picnic Season’s online shop.