we eat our peas with cheese

1:00pm Thursday, 27 Oct. by jessie alymore

Small things amuse small minds, and small mouthfuls like this petit pois and cheese salad make us very happy indeed.

the bell jar cafe

1:00pm Wednesday, 26 Oct. by georgia frances king

Everyone loves a literary reference. If they were still around, we reckon that the likes of Rimbaud and Sartre may have frequented The Bell Jar.

sushi friends

12:00pm Sunday, 23 Oct. by georgia frances king

Yoshi made out of brussel sprouts! Rice ball Totoro! Fried egg Pikachu! Is it wrong to want to eat anime characters?

put a cork in it

3:00pm Monday, 17 Oct. by jessie alymore

Want to avoid sour grapes? Maybe you need to look into these Happy Helper vino stoppers.

food fight!

9:00am Monday, 17 Oct. by georgia frances king

Sweets Workshop, previously featured in our very own pages, run an awesome exhibition every year.


3:00pm Wednesday, 05 Oct. by jessie alymore

Like many of you, we LOVE loose-leaf tea. Yet after we pack our rucksacks full of lemongrass and ginger, vanilla blossom and green jasmine, there isn’t much room for a funnel or filter.

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