conscious chocolate

9:00am Thursday, 22 Mar. by georgia frances king

Conscious Chocolate is like the delicious jack-of-all-trades in the confectionery world. It's nifty for those with food intolerances, as it's basically free of everything - no dairy, no gluten and no soy. Just full of awesome.

hot chocolate on a stick

3:00pm Wednesday, 14 Mar. by jo walker

IT'S HOT CHOCOLATE. ON A STICK. YOU JUST STIR IT IN. AND YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN. That's all we need to say about this. We're going to go and calm down now.

chinese takeaway cupcakes

3:00pm Thursday, 08 Mar. by georgia frances king

Hear us out: what looks like pork lo mein and friend rice are actually delicious bakery goods ready to pop in your mouth. Minus the MSG dreams.

the sandwich cake

3:00pm Thursday, 16 Feb. by jo walker

This could possibly be the most pant-wettingly exciting culinary discovery of modern times. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present ... the sandwich cake.

sandwich art

3:00pm Friday, 10 Feb. by jo walker

If you've ever wondered what iconic artists Klimt, Mondrian, Pollock or Christo would look like in sandwich form, you're not alone.

pizza in a jar

9:00am Wednesday, 08 Feb. by georgia frances king

Yes, that's what the title says: pizza in a jar.

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