chocolate party spoons

3:00pm Friday, 18 Nov. by jo walker

Chocolate, smarties, sprinkles and sparkly things in an easily noshable form? Yes please.


4:00pm Friday, 11 Nov. by georgia frances king

Puns and cookies! Could we ask for anything more?

a good egg

9:00am Friday, 04 Nov. by jessie alymore

Doing his best to challenge what it is people actually see, Thomas' handmade installations feature knitted foodie things and leave us hungry for more.

we knew you were coming so we baked you a cake

3:00pm Friday, 28 Oct. by jessie alymore

With biscuits shaped like moustaches and hula hoops on the menu can you really say no to Beatrix's sweet treats?

we eat our peas with cheese

1:00pm Thursday, 27 Oct. by jessie alymore

Small things amuse small minds, and small mouthfuls like this petit pois and cheese salad make us very happy indeed.

the bell jar cafe

1:00pm Wednesday, 26 Oct. by georgia frances king

Everyone loves a literary reference. If they were still around, we reckon that the likes of Rimbaud and Sartre may have frequented The Bell Jar.

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