saturday morning tunes: new beach house video

by holly mccauley

Rise and shine, frankie folk! It's Saturday and that means one thing exactly: sweet, sweet nothing.

(And seriously, if you are reading this at 8am when we set it live, for-the-love-of-God, go back to sleep! Mother Nature didn't invent Saturdays for you to be productive.)

We've got a new short film from our beloved Beach House to ease you into your morning (or afternoon, if you're nursing a sore head from the night before). It's the fusion of four live songs recorded out in the middle of the Texan desert, where their new album Bloom came together. Each take is super long, so you actually get to have a feel of the changing landscape as well as a little insight into the personality behind the band.

It's nearly a half hour long, so make yourself a cup of tea, get your laptop comfy on your knees and prepare for this to be the best start to a weekend ever.

More here.

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