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Wild Ones are a five-piece out of Portland, Oregon, making the kind of poppy riffs and upbeat melodies that should come with a doctor’s certificate, they’re so infectious. They’ve just released a new EP – the follow up to their debut album, Keep It Safe – and we got in touch to find out more about who they are and where they’re going from here.

wild ones

Tell us a little about yourselves. We are a five-piece dream pop band from Portland, Oregon. We are about to release our third piece of work, an EP called Heatwave.

Where did the name come from? We named ourselves after one of our favourite Thin Lizzy songs. My ultimate musical weakness is guitar-monies; “Wild One” is rife with them.

Describe your sound in five words. Voice, synthesiser, guitar, bass, drums.

Where is your favourite place to write music? In the car. I do my very best thinking and dreaming when I'm riding in the back of the van. There’s something nostalgic and wistful about driving through farmlands in rural America.

Tell us something we might not know about Portland. Many people think the music coming out of Portland is mainly grunge or folk, but every weekend you can find incredible bills showcasing electronic pop, R&B and indie rock. A few of my personal favourites are Pure Bathing Culture, Radiation City, and Shy Girls.

What world record would you break? Exploring the deepest depths of the ocean. I am equally terrified and obsessed by life under the sea. The fact that I could be sailing unknowingly on the surface while the largest mammal on our planet swims metres below makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up straight.

What can we expect from Wild Ones in the next year? We’ve begun demoing our upcoming full-length record. We’ll be putting out videos, visual art, and hopefully having a generally nice time.

See more from Wild Ones over on their Bandcamp page.

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