diner en blanc outdoor picnic

by georgia frances king

White doesn't have to be reserved for weddings, cricket matches and the inevitable occasion where you spill red wine all over yourself - here's an excuse to get the bleach out, but also the cheese (just not at the same time).

For the first time ever, France's premiere public picnic event Diner en Blanc is coming to Australia. Starting over twenty years ago in Paris as a casual get together, Diner en Blanc has become a huge public spectacle, bringing together thousands upon thousands of hungry nibblers all dressed in the same hue. It's been slowly creeping over the world, and Brisbane, you're up first for Oz (Sydney, you'll be later in the year)! The final round of tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, and spaces are already filling seriously fast. Have a quick click over here if wearing white and eating brie are on the top of your daily priorities.

Photos from here, here and here.

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