frankie exclusive diy: triangle patchwork cushion cover

3:00pm Wednesday, 02 May. by Anna Alicia

Hold on (just one more day) to your very own homemade patchwork cushion.

little ray of sunflower

9:00am Sunday, 29 Apr.

These tiny terrariums are entirely hand-crafted from paper.

ovaries before brovaries

9:00am Friday, 27 Apr.

It's embroidery. Of Frida Kahlo. As ovaries! (And they're coming to the Blue Mountains soon, ooh.)

frankie exclusive diy: floral scrunchie

9:00am Wednesday, 25 Apr. by Phebe Rendulic

Long live the scrunchie!

knit a cosy (beatles-themed) scarf and beanie

8:00am Friday, 20 Apr. by Jo Walker

We’ve got two (yep, two!) free, downloadable Beatles-inspired knitting patterns – because we love you (yeah, yeah, yeah).

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