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mascots for your everyday anxieties

mascots for your everyday anxieties


These cute critters wrestle with the same fears that we do. They're here to tell us it's going to be OK. 

Artist Cat Rabbit has joined forces with fellow creative lady Andrea Innocent to turn a host of everyday moods and anxieties into a collection of squishy felt mascots. The duo has created six relatable plushies all up – among them: ‘Telephant’, an elephant who feels fear and dread when the phone rings; the ‘Bowl of Comfort’, a pyjama-clad, ramen-minded mascot for self-care; and the ‘Goldfish of Indecision’, a cute critter who sometimes struggles with making decisions. Together, these soft buddies are Cat’s way of telling us "it’s going to be OK" – a soothing affirmation we could always do with. See more mascots over here

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