giant geckos south african giveaway

Boy oh boy oh boy. We've got something big to brighten up your Tuesday, and it starts with 'S' and ends with 'Africa'. No, it's not Safrica, you duffer. It's a nine-day trip for one to South Africa, courtesy of the fine folk at Geckos Adventures. Alright!

If you're done with the fist-pumping happy dance, allow us to fill you in on the finer details. You will jump onboard the Parks & Recreation trip with Geckos in Johannesburg, spot the big five African animals on safari in Kruger National Park, go scuba diving and dolphin spotting on a heavenly beach in Mozambique and spend a night with a local homestay in Zululand. Plus there's boat cruising, tracking rhinos and a whole bunch more. And your return flights will be fully paid for (with planes setting off from Sydney or Perth).

Did we already mention this was big? If you'd like to talk to the animals and learn a bit about African drumming, just head here, fill out the entry form and make sure your passport is ready to roll. Entries are open until January 10th, with winners to be announced on January 11th. For some extra information on this tour and more, check out the Geckos website.

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