Sydney artist Katherine Brickman (aka Greedy Hen) is taking some of her surrealist collages down to Melbourne for a debut solo exhibition.

little doodles

9:00am Thursday, 23 Jan.

Peek inside the sketchbook of illustrator Kate Wilson.

views from the balcony

3:00pm Monday, 20 Jan.

Bianca Wilson paints parking lots and grey concrete in calming coral tones.

grace wilson’s neighbourhood grumps

9:00am Wednesday, 15 Jan.

We can’t stop looking at the artist’s sour-faced characters.

stuff mondays – claire ishino

3:00pm Monday, 13 Jan.

Got a blank wall that needs to be filled? Try your luck at scoring a lovely print from artist Claire Ishino.

fine art meets anatomy

9:00am Sunday, 12 Jan.

Megan Foldenauer has degrees in both science and fine arts, and combines their love for both into watercolour goodness.

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