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tunesday – novella

tunesday – novella


Take a peek at the video for Novella’s latest track – a delight for fans of indie rock and good old London town.

novella 1

Back when Myspace was the epicentre of the internet, a whole lot of friendships were forged. Amongst them, the friendship between Novella’s guitarist Hollie Warren and bassist Suki Sou. Thank goodness that one reached out to the other via the now tumbleweed-strewn social platform, for had that never happened, a bunch of super-rad songs wouldn’t exist – like “Does The Island Know”, the latest track off the band’s forthcoming album, Change Of State. The clip, shot by Yuki Yamamoto, takes the viewer on a little trip around the band’s hometown, London, and is a rather fitting visual accompaniment to this indie rock treasure of a track. Hit play just below to have a good old squiz, then pop over here to hear more from Novella.