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tunesday – melbourne lofi hip hop radio

tunesday – melbourne lofi hip hop radio


Melbourne producers are streaming chill beats to study to.

Picking your study music can be a tricky task. Put on your favourite album and you might find yourself in an impromptu karaoke session rather than focusing on the task at hand. Turn on the radio and you’ll be blasted with distracting chatter.

While some people swear by heavy metal or high-powered EDM, those of us who have a hard time concentrating need relaxing tunes with no lyrics, hooks or catchy choruses. If this sounds like you (and if classical music isn’t your cup of tea), you might dig Melbourne Lofi Hip Hop Radio, a local take on the Youtube sensation ‘lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to’. The 24-hour stream is available on Youtube and Twitch and features work from 31 Melbourne producers including Elle Shimada, Thrupence and Plutonic Lab. Started by Emerald MacGill and Kim Williamson from Melbourne Minute, the team hope to give a leg-up to the city’s vibrant hip hop scene during lockdown. Bookmark it for the next time you need to get in the zone or have a listen below.