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tunesday - yunyu interview

tunesday - yunyu interview


We interview Yunyu about how not all fairytales have happy endings, but they do make good film clips.

What has your journey been on your music career? It has been a strange and wondrous one. I often feel like I fell into music.

How do fairytales inform your take on the world and your music? I'm not sure. All I can say is that there are elements in fairytales surprisingly similar to our own worlds. When I was little my dad used to read me fairytales each night, except he used to change the endings every time. The power of his metaphors made me look at the world in a whole different way. For example, in 'my' Cinderella (non-Disney edition), there is a gory scene where Cinderella's step sisters cut off their toes to fit into her glass slippers.

You're very connected with Japanese manga culture. What do you like about it so much? I think I was reading manga before I knew how to read!

Tell us a little about the multi-artform approach you are taking to your live shows. I'm plenty excited about it. For me, the live show is a physical manifestation of the alternate universe that once lived in my head. With the help of Lee McIver (my producer/manager who has an extensive theatre background) as a composer and producer, Queenie Chan (who designed all the manga visuals), Imogen Ross (who is a set designer), my six piece band, VJ and my various collaborators, it is possible to now meet the creatures that once lived exclusively in my head.

What is the story behind your clip for "Dorothy"? Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz finds herself lost in space with her magic shoes malfunctioning. She's not going home anytime soon. Like all tales in my album, Twisted Tales, the characters are often displaced into our reality with a twisted ending and no Prince Charming in sight.

What do you do when you're not working on your music? Probably deep in the bowels of the internet foraging for stories, reading up on brain parasites, criminal case files and unearthing new music on YouTube.

Yunyu is playing dates in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in the next month. Check out her website for more details.