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tunesday - pting

tunesday - pting


This Melbourne band will charm you with jangly guitar pop songs about friends, new cities and public transport.

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There’s something irresistibly charming about the debut EP from Melbourne four-piece band pting. They started playing together just over a year ago, after friends Elsie Lange and Ben Hall left their hometown of Alice Springs for Melbourne, where they found bandmates Rhys Renwick and Yura Iwanma. pting have been making short and sweet garage pop songs ever since. They released Beep Beep late last year, but we're a bit embarrassed to say we only recently discovered their talents. In any case, we've been particularly enjoying “Rathdowne Street” and “Bus Driver”, two tracks filled with observations about Melbourne's Southside “Lorna Jane mums”, Northside cool kids and all the feelings you feel in a new city. Have a listen below: